Lord of the Rings Fitness Medallions
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Lord of the Rings Fitness Medallions

$66 - $267

(Price At Date April 15, 2022)

@the_conqueror_challenges are a fun way to get you and your friends moving to earn prizes, and they’ve just launched a brand new series of Lord Of The Rings challenges! These high-quality metal medallions are based on five iconic locations in Middle-Earth and include the One Ring. However, one does not simply purchase the medallion. After paying the sign-up fee, you must complete a series of fitness challenges for each medal. Once completed, they will ship you your medal. For example, if you run, swim or ride 233kms, you will earn the Shire medal, with replica One Ring. You must then complete the journey to Mordor and earn all five! You can manually enter your workouts or pair their app with other fitness apps like Strava. They even have a converter for Crossfit and Yoga. You set the time period you want to complete them in, whether it’s 6 weeks or 18 months, and if you sign up with friends you can complete them together as a fellowship!

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