Vegemite merch

Vegemite has gone and made every dad a happy little Vegemite with a drop of personalised merchandise. Jars of the good stuff have been labeled with a forceful ‘DAD’ so all the kiddies know to keep their hands off. Plus a bunch of yellow and red accessories like beanies, socks, hats and even a dog bandana for papa’s best friend.

Adidas have made Miles Morales' spiderman shoes available in real life!

Get your hands on these Miles Morales’ spidey sneaks! Adidas is making Miles’ kicks from the upcoming Playstation game available IRL. The design was influenced by New York street style and the classic Adidas Superstars, Combines with the iconic red and black from Miles’ spidey-suit. The shoes look identical to the ones you see Miles wearing in the game and are available for both adults and kids. You can purchase the kicks from Adidas on November 19th.

Schrute Farms Merch

Commemorate your stay at Schrute Family Farms with these cosy sweaters! Fans of The Office will recognise the darling B&B from the infamous series where Dwight and Mose spend their weekends farming beets, the signature design on the sweaters and shirts