Kmart's released the ultimate camping chair for Dads

Is your dad an avid outdoorsman? Or even one that likes to pretend he’s an outdoorsman but spend the entire holiday sitting back with a bevvie enjoying the scenery from the comfort of his camp chair? Well then you’re in luck this Father’s Day. Kmart’s developed a camping chair that comes with a built-in roof as well as all the specs needed for a chillax amongst nature. Canopy? Check. Cup holder? Check. The possibility of you finally becoming the favourite child? CHECK!


251® environmental speakers

Turn up the sound this summer with these Environmental Speakers by Bose. The wall-mounted speakers are made for the outdoors, with sound that will coat every inch of your backyard. Made to withstand harsh conditions, these weather-resistant speakers are a great gift for your pals that love to dance all night long.