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Everything you need to host the ultimate at-home dinner party, in one place. We’ve selected the best recipe books for dinner parties, the coolest glassware and even table decor to have you tablescaping like a pro in no time. Martha Stewart, watch out.

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The New Craft of the Cocktail


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Master the art of mixology with The New Craft of the Cocktail drinks guide. With a backstory behind the history of cocktails, tips, tricks and the perfect pairings, get ready to impress your mates with this newfound knowledge.


Round Table Cloth


(Price At Date April 23, 2021)

Bring a burst of life to your dining room with the Round Table Cloth. Made with cotton the vibrant blue mandala design is the little bit of boho hair your home has been missing.


Hazard Stripe Tablecloth


(Price At Date April 23, 2021)

Create the ultimate construction theme for your next party with this Hazard Stripe Table Cover. With a silver base that showcases a black and yellow border, you’ll be able to spot the food table from miles away!


Free the Tipple


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Make a toast to the badass women around the world with Free the Tipple. With a range of saucy drinks inspired by iconic women, this collection of cocktails is perfect for your next girl’s night.


Metal Martini Glasses


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Ensure your drinks stay cool all night long with the Unbreak My Martini Glasses. The stainless steel finish keeps drinks icy cold, while the sleek finish is set to impress your guests.


The Book of Vermouth


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Showcasing fortified wine, The Book of Vermouth is a guide on the origins behind this drink, how to use it based on various occasions and how to mix up a smooth little cocktail that’s bound to impress your guests.


Soulful Baker


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

This stunning cookbook is a feast for the mind body and soul. With a focus on natural produce and vibrant ingredients, this book will help you master the art of eating with your eyes.


LEGO PARTY Coloured Brick Table Cover


(Price At Date April 23, 2021)

Construct an epic Lego party that will excite the little ones with this Coloured Brick Table Cover. With a standard lego base, the border is filled with vibrant Lego pieces that look like perfect building blocks!


Ottolenghi SIMPLE


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with Ottolenghi SIMPLE. Proving simple doesn’t mean boring, Yotam Ottolenghi’s respect for humble ingredients is truly unmatched.


Cocktails Of The Movies


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Ever wanted to recreate the delicious drinks you’ve seen in your favourite movies? Well, Cocktails of the Movies has you covered! With over seventy two recipes inspired by Hollywood’s greatest drinks, this cinematic guide is much more than just a cocktail book.




(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Written by David Chang, this wonderful book is an ode to Korean/Asian cuisine with a western twist. Defying the categories of fusion food, Momofuku will inspire you to cook outside the box


Mixing Cosmopolitans


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

An ode to modern mixology, Mixing Cosmopolitans is not only a glorious guide on cocktails, it’s a travel diary and a behind the scenes glimpse at the stories behind bartenders from around the world.


Pelham Clay Table Linen


(Price At Date April 23, 2021)

If you’re after a go-to staple for your dining table, the Pelham Clay Table Linen will instantly brighten your space. The nature fibres in this fabric give this piece a laid back feel, while still making a stunning statement.


Agate Placemat


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Keep it natural with the Agate Placemat. With a marble effect that’s inspired by the gems found in Sicily, this piece is the ultimate showstopper.


Custom Placemats


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Showcase your favourite designs with these Custom Placemats. Glossy and full of life, the heat resistant finish is perfect for showcasing your favourite meals straight from the stove!



(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Take your cocktails to the next level with the Viski Negroni Glasses. Made specifcally for this classic cocktail, this stylish set of glasses are sure to add a special touch to at-home date nights.


Breakfast: The Cookbook


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Now there’s no excuse to miss the most important meal of the day with Breakfast: The Cookbook. Showcasing breakfast dishes from around the world, this comforting cookbook will take you on a flavour-filled trip, and there’s no passport required!


Bitter Honey


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

Bitter Honey is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. Focusing on feel good cooking, Letitia Clark will inspire you to embrace the beauty of fresh produce and the simplicity of home cooked meals.


Chalk Hill Shiraz


(Price At Date May 2, 2021)

The Chalk Hill Shiraz is luxury in every glass. With bold fruit flavours that are contrasted by a sharp body, the smooth finish will have you coming back for more.