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Christmas Tree Ornaments

@cottonon is giving us the Christmas tree ornaments we want and need. Why decorate your tree with aesthetic decorations when you can hang some seriously funny, seriously trendy pieces? Love Coke? Hang it on the tree. Love Darth Vader? Hang him on the tree. Love donuts? Hang one on the tree.Tag someone who needs some new tree ornaments!


Home alone with your dog this Christmas? Show everyone you’re having the best time with MATCHING festive Hawaiian shirts! From @bestandless, these shirts are LITERALLY everything you and your pooch need this silly season!And, there’s a perfect shirt and style for every Rusty, Bailey and Coco out there!

ABBA Christmas Merch!

Not only are we getting a Christmas single from @abba this December, we’re also getting cosy Scandinavian themed Christmas merch and TBH, we want it all!From puzzles, scarves, sweaters and baubles – this Christmas merch will make the perfect gift for the ABBA obsessed pal in your life (we all have one). Which item will you be adding to the shopping cart? Let us know below!

Personalised Dachshund Pillows

Gift giving can be hard at the best of times, let alone when you need to shop for a baby! That’s why we’re obsessed these personalised Dachshund puppy pillows!These Dachshund pillows are personalised with names along the side to keep your gift personalised and unique! Have a long name in mind? No worries! You can choose the exact length and colour of your Dachshund!Trust us, this Dachshund puppy is guaranteed to be a hit with the babies, kids and even adults! : etsy


@goop has just revealed their 2021 gift guide and it’s bonkers!From THAT candle to aesthetic garden hoses, this guide is full of the expensive and the whacky. But we gotta be real, the under $100 section of the list has some legitimately great ideas!

Peter Alexander Christmas PJs

Whether you want to match with the entire fam or make a statement on your own this Christmas, @peteralexanderofficial has your cosy Christmas needs covered!Stealing the show this year is the Grinch onesie, a PJ set designed to keep you cool on a hot Christmas eve while still giving you all the festive vibes you’re after!Which design are you keen to get your hands on this year? Let us know your fave below!

Christmas Tree Pet Bed

Depending on who you ask, the Christmas season is well and truly upon us and that means the gift hunting has begun. But what about your pets?!This Christmas tree cat bed comes in two sizes and with a price tag of just $32, it is guaranteed to be the best gift you’ll purchase all year! Know a cat parent who NEEDS to know about this? Tag them below! : Etsy