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MONITREE Desktop Planter

Want to add a bit of life to your workspace? Then check out MONITREE by @pltris_global. This handy desktop planter will grow a vine around your monitor in just four weeks! It’s made from small plastic modules so it can adapt to any desktop or space, with no leakage or condensation. There are small holes for you to check and fertilise your plant as well as a handy companion app to help you monitor its health. It even comes with a full-spectrum LED light to promote indoor growth! You can save money by pre-ordering it on Kickstarter now, and get it shipped by June for $65.

Makeup Brush Sanitiser

Struggle to find the time to clean your makeup brushes, but then struggle with putting the bacteria-ridden brushes back on your face? Same.So, when we saw this brush disinfecting device blowing up on TikTok, we knew we had to share it!And we’ve just gotta say… could the device be any cuter?! We need it on our vanity STAT!


When it comes to innovative decor items that boast style and functionality, @ikea_australia is one of our favourite retailers. Joining forces with Zandra Rhodes, their latest collection showcases a range of vibrant decor pieces, but it’s the pink FRAKTA bag that has us in a spin. Fun, playful and perfect for summer, we can’t wait to add this piece to our collection.

Caterpillar Cuddle Pillow

Love a good nap but wish you had a cuddle buddy to join in on the snooze? Well, these giant caterpillar cuddle pillows are the one for you! Available in multiple animal designs and sizes, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect companion for all your napping sessions. What are you waiting for?! Upgrade your napping game today!

ALDI Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained copious amounts of popularity throughout the last couple of years and there’s no denying why. Known for helping improve sleep and encouraging a sense of calm, these blankets feel like a warm hug. While there are many on the market, they can be quite costly. Well don’t stress, because ALDI has launched a Weighted Blanket for only $70 and at a fraction of the price of its designer dupes, this is a deal you don’t want to miss.