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Strawberry Midi Dress For Pets

Fans of @lirika.matoshi’s viral Strawberry dress were already blessed with the addition of more iconic versions of the fruity tulle dress… but now here’s one for your pets! Now your furry children can dress up in the fluffiest, cotton candy-esque dress… and most importantly, match you! Need this miniature Strawberry dress in your pet’s life?

Personalised Dachshund Pillows

Gift giving can be hard at the best of times, let alone when you need to shop for a baby! That’s why we’re obsessed these personalised Dachshund puppy pillows!These Dachshund pillows are personalised with names along the side to keep your gift personalised and unique! Have a long name in mind? No worries! You can choose the exact length and colour of your Dachshund!Trust us, this Dachshund puppy is guaranteed to be a hit with the babies, kids and even adults! : etsy

Halloween Pet Costumes

You may have your Halloween costume sorted, but what about your pup?! We found an epic Halloween collection at @bigwaustralia that will have your furry friend stealing the spotlight, trust us! From superhero fits to majestic unicorns, there’s a costume for any and every pup no matter their style. Which one will you be quick to secure? Let us know below!

Halloween Pet Costumes

It’s almost Halloween which means we’re all on the hunt for the perfect spooky costume, but you probably haven’t thought about giving your furry friend the ultimate festive glow-up.With your pets comfort in mind, these Halloween costumes are sure to leave your pet feeling and looking like the star of the show (which they always are). From spiders, The Joker, lions, bats and even dinosaurs, these costumes are available for both cats and dogs no matter their size! : etsy

Boss + Boo Dog Apparel

Did you miss international dog day? Well, you can make it up to your pup with these adorable designs available as bandanas, harnesses, collars and more! @bossandboo pride themselves on ‘joyful dog goods’ that are adorable, fun and most of all, functional!Tag a dog parent who needs these for their pup!

Calming Pet Beds!

If you have a pup that seems to be extra anxious and can’t get the restful sleep they need, @pupnapsofficial has the perfect solution! Pupnaps has created pet beds that are specially designed to keep your pup calm and feeling secure all night long! Taking Australia by storm, you’re gonna wanna get in quick!