Tag: Kitchen

Wavy Mugs

Are you bored of drinking your morning coffee out of the same plain mugs every day?We found these epic double-layered glass mugs from @the.wavy.company, perfect for adding some extra personality to your kitchen cupboard!Drop-safe, compact and easy to handle, these mugs come in a range of adorable animal designs, including festive mugs for Christmas!

Automatic Soap Dispenser

There’s no doubt, Kmart keeps bringing out innovative items that fuel our household needs without breaking the bank. But their Automatic Soap Dispenser has to be one of their best creations yet. The contactless dispenser features a 200ml capacity, so you can load it up with soap for the bathroom, or as a communal device for hand sanitiser in the kitchen!

Samosa Maker

We’ve seen Kmart’s sausage roll and pie maker fly off shelves, but we’ve found something that’s giving these two appliances a run for their money. Introducing the Samosa Maker! With space for six glorious samosas, this appliance will unleash your creativity in the kitchen.