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LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020

Make the lead up to Christmas extra special with this Star Wars Advent Calendar by LEGO. Behind each door sits a buildable Star Wars figure, starship vehicle or location. Which means by the time Christmas arrives, the Star Wars lovers in your life will have a full set!

LEGO Star Wars Dioramas

@lego just announced three new Star Wars sets and they’re all under $150. These diorama sets are based on iconic scenes from Episode IV & V, with a maximum of 1000 pieces. There’s the $89 Death Star Trench Run set, a 665 piece diorama featuring Luke’s X-Wing, Vader’s TIE fighter and two other TIE fighters in the guts of the Death Star. There’s the $119 Dagobah Jedi Training set, a 1000 piece diorama featuring Yoda, a muddy R2 and Luke lifting his X-Wing. For $149, you can get the Death Star Trash Compactor set, with 802 pieces featuring Stormtrooper Luke and Han, Chewie, Leia, C3PO and RD2D. They’re shipping on April 28th and May 5th, so make sure you get in now before they sell out!