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Ray-Ban Stories

You can now capture video footage and take photos with @rayban’s NEW smart glasses! Ray-Ban has joined forces with Facebook to create the ‘Ray-Ban Stories’, a range of glasses that allow you to ‘capture every adventure while staying in the moment’! Now on sale and with multiple designs available, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for you!


Fried chicken and gaming? We’ve never heard of a better combo and that’s why KFC and Cooler Master have teamed up to create the ultimate gaming console with a built-in chicken warmer. Yes, that’s right, a chicken warmer INSIDE the gaming console. How does it work? We don’t know, but we really don’t care.


The M9 possesses the world’s first loudspeaker enclosure to utilize both exterior and interior layers of carbon fibre. This $1 million speaker is over 6 feet tall and weighs close to 500kgs.