Leverpresso Pro

Check out the Leverpresso Pro from @hugh.official, a Kickstarter funded espresso press that’s making cafe-quality espresso anywhere you want. With a portable, easy-to-use design, the Leverpresso is the perfect replacement for grainy French presses and expensive pod machines. Ships March 2022. Pre-order before Friday and save $150.

Christmas Tree Bottle

@flaschengeistaustralia is bringing back the Christmas Tree Bottle but this time it’s being upgraded with some seriously detailed additions. With a tree-topping star and baubles, this liqueur bottle is definitely one of our faves! It’s the perfect way to share around the Christmas spirit (hehe) and enjoy a glass or two of your preferred liqueur. We’re talking Turkish Delight, White Chocolate Cream, Coffee and more. Or if you’d rather something non-alcoholic, there are other options! Tag someone who you think would love one of these for the holiday season!


How does one make a can of beer any better? By giving it a jacket, of course!Now your bevvy can be as adventurous as you are, with these incredibly cute designs from @puffindrinkwear. They’ll keep your beer cool, while looking hot!

Huski Wine Cooler

If you too, hate the taste of luke-warm wine on scorcher of a day, then this wine cooler is for you! There’s no ice needed, so pack this on all your picnics and bbq’s and it’ll save the day! Also, how good will having a cold bottle at the ready be when you finally arrive at your destination after a long day of road tripping? Absolute treat. We love a colour choice, and @huskicooler have blessed us with five fabulous colours to choose from. Tag someone who needs this genius cooler in their life!

Alcohol Tumblers

Getting ready for a boozy picnic but don’t want to spill wine all over yourself and your picnic sheets? Not to worry, @alcoholder have you covered. Their magical flasks keep your drinks insulated and protected from bugs and dirt at all times. No more worrying over breaking glass bottles when you can transport everything in stylish flasks instead. It’s going to be your must-have accessory for spring and summer, trust us. Grab one now and invest in your sunny picnic days.


@brewquets is making Father’s Day shopping infinitely easier with their amazingly arranged brewquets, ready to ship to the beer-lover in your life. Give your favourite person an amazing gift and a way of sampling 24 amazing beers – you can also add nibbles, a World’s Best Father beer glass and a super stylish Brewquets bottle opener in there, too!

DIY Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

If you want to score the title of best child this Father’s Day, this DIY Homemade Hot Sauce Kit from Etsy is sure to put you in top place. Perfect for those that love a little bit of heat with their meals, the kits have everything you need to make three bottles of glorious homemade hot sauce.

DIY Chai Blending Kit

Ever wondered how someone makes the perfect chai tea? Now you can master the art at home with this all-inclusive DIY blending kit. It comes with everything you need to create your own chai blend on top of instructional videos for visual learners to follow at home. The kit includes 7 fragrant spices such as cinnamon, ginger, clove and cardamom as well as the flavour profiles of each ingredient. Once you master the foundations, you can get creative and start concocting your own classics – what are you going to name your signature blend? Get your kit today and start brewing.