Personalised Boxer Shorts

Give the gift of laughter and practicality this Valentine’s Day with these personalised boxer shorts!Simply choose the image, colour, waistband text and get them shipped to your door in seconds! Think you know someone who should gift this to their S/O? Tag them below! : My Face Boxer

100 Books to Read Before You Die Scratch-Off Poster

Love your books? We’ve got just the product for you! This unique ‘100 Books to Read Before You Die’ scratch-off poster sold on @yellowoctopusau is both a to-do list and a lovely literature-inspired piece of decor. Reveal a cute illustration of the book you just read after you scratch it off and hang up your wonderful accomplishment after completing the challenge! Buy one for yourself and your bestie to see who can complete it first.

Halo Energy Sword Lamp

This lamp is perfect for Halo fans. Check out the 14-inch Energy Sword lamp from @toynktoys. This light-up LED lamp flashes on like in the games and comes with a USB power cord so you never run out of charge. There’s the classic blue plasma sword as well as the red Bloodsword featured in Halo Infinite.


@ikea_australia are starting 2022 with a bang! And by bang we mean specifically this waterproof bag that’s just $3.50! The RENSARE is meant to be used to carry things such as sweaty workout clothes, delicate bottles and wet swimwear. And if you fold it in, it’s completely waterproof! Which means you can take this nifty product to the gym and the beach. Winning! Tag someone who NEEDS this bag!

Cat Vs Dog Chess Board

@urbanoutfitters are selling the ultimate chess board! If you’ve been watching a little too much of The Queen’s Gambit and adore cats and dogs, this board was made for you. It’s a Cats Vs. Dogs Chess Set that sends tiny little game pieces off into battle. Picture different dog and cat breeds battling it out on a chess board. It doesn’t get any cuter!Tag someone who NEEDs one of these in their life!