Capsule World Building Kit

If you’re looking for a new hobby that doesn’t compromise on space then Buildiverse have a perfect find for you. They’ve got mini capsule worlds that you can build and display in their own glass dome. Pick from 5 different worlds or get a set of four. Think this might be your calling? Order your capsule.

Seinfeld LEGO Set

After waiting for what feels like a lifetime, we’ve finally been blessed with a Seinfeld set from LEGO. An ode to the classic ‘90s sitcom, this set is a must-have for Lego and Seinfeld lovers alike. A seriously cool collector’s item, where will you showcase this set?

Whipped Soaps

Having too many whipped things in life is not a thing. And thank goodness, because these whipped soaps have us spinning with joy. So Scentified are bringing us the cutest pastel soaps in four fruity scents which you can add to your collection. Life is sweet and always in need of whipped cream.

Kawaii Gaming Chair

So you’ve thrown everything into making the best kawaii gaming set up ever, but it’s missing one important detail. The chair behind your desk looks too plain and is disturbing the ambiance. Well, we have you covered with these winged kawaii gaming chairs that come in four colours. Now you can keep everything within theme in your ultimate gaming space.

Bubble Tea Earrings

Is boba your life’s liquid love? Now you can showcase that bond with your favourite drink through these adorable bubble tea earrings. They’ve got the glass, pearls and all. Talk about a realistic boba. They’re limited edition, shipping worldwide and selling out fast.

Pet Onesies!

Onesies look great on humans, but they look even greater on pets! We’ve found the perfect onesies to wrap your furry friends up in this winter, whether they’re a cat or dog, there’s something for all shapes and sizes! Hit the link to check out all the cosy designs!