The Hulk Beer Holder

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re stuck for gift ideas, we’ve found just the solution! This Hulk Beer Holder is designed to stick to your shower wall, allowing you to sip a nice cold beer while having a hot shower – does it get any better than that? Plus, it’s made from renewable, plant-based materials so it’s a win-win! : etsy


When it comes to innovative decor items that boast style and functionality, @ikea_australia is one of our favourite retailers. Joining forces with Zandra Rhodes, their latest collection showcases a range of vibrant decor pieces, but it’s the pink FRAKTA bag that has us in a spin. Fun, playful and perfect for summer, we can’t wait to add this piece to our collection.

Beaded phone charms

Just when you thought your phone couldn’t get cuter, it can! @beads.bybean creates beautiful handmade phone charms that are colourful, vibrant and iconic. They’re made to order and can be personalised and customised to however you want. This means no phone charm is the same and you’ll be sporting a unique pop of colour. They also make necklaces and key rings! This local business is run in Sydney so get ordering!Ready to take a trip to the 2000’s?

Caterpillar Cuddle Pillow

Love a good nap but wish you had a cuddle buddy to join in on the snooze? Well, these giant caterpillar cuddle pillows are the one for you! Available in multiple animal designs and sizes, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect companion for all your napping sessions. What are you waiting for?! Upgrade your napping game today!

Handheld Bubble Machine!

Keep the kids and adults entertained for hours with these epic bubble machines that shoot THOUSANDS of bubbles at the touch of a button! Made from non-toxic ABS material and with no leaks or spills, these machines are safe for both children and pets! Can’t wait to get the bubbles blasting? Order yours today! (Available in pink, blue, black and even gold!)

DIY Home Claykit

Get your pottery on from home with this everything-included clay kit. You’ve get all the tools and equipment needed, including 5kgs of clay. All you need is the know how…but you get instructions for that too, so there’s really no down side.