Bose Micro Portable Speaker

Don’t be fooled by its size, the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is made for enjoying music on the go. The waterproof finish ensures all your this little beauty can withstand all your adventures, while Bose’s high quality sound is simply unmatched.


Sony Sound Bar

Encapsulate your space in the beauty of cinematic surround sound with the Home Theatre Sound Bar by Sony. Creating an immersive experience where you’ll get lost in the quality of the sound, you’ll feel like you’re at the movies from the comfort of your home!


UE Boom

Take your tunes on all your adventures with the Ultimate Ears UE BOOM 3. The compact speaker boasts 360° sound, without compromising on the sweet sounds of bass that truly get your grooving.

Sailor Moon Key Cap

Are you can avid collector of key caps and other accessories for sprucing up your keyboard? Well, we have the item for you. These adorable Sailor Moon key caps are up on Etsy and people are flocking to get one of their own. The key caps are sold on an individual basis so keep that in mind.