Ray-Ban Stories

You can now capture video footage and take photos with @rayban’s NEW smart glasses! Ray-Ban has joined forces with Facebook to create the ‘Ray-Ban Stories’, a range of glasses that allow you to ‘capture every adventure while staying in the moment’! Now on sale and with multiple designs available, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for you!

Plant Identification App

Just when you thought technology and plants couldn’t bloom together, we’ve found an app that’s bound to solve all your plant problems. Picture This is the plant identification app that not only works as an online plant encyclopaedia, it also has a stack of tips, tricks and hacks to make sure your plant babies thrive all year long.

Smartwatch with Sleep Tracking Function

Smartwatches have become a tech essential. Boasting a number of features in one sleek device, they have taken over the tech world for a reason. Smartwatches can be quite costly though, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly dupe, you need ALDI’s Smartwatch with Sleep Tracking Function. For only $50, this is a deal you don’t want to miss!

Voldemort Headphone Stand!

Are you prone to losing your headphones around the house? Well, this headphone stand might just be a lifesaver (if you’re a Harry Potter fan, that is). This Voldemort headphone stand will keep your headphones safe and in one spot while you go about your day. Plus, it’ll look super cool on a shelf or desk – especially if you’re a known Potterhead!

ALDI Home Entertainment Special Buys

As we continue to enjoy the comfort of our homes, ALDI has launched a stack of deals as part of their Home Entertainment Special Buys. With headphones, speakers and wall brackets, there’s one piece in this collection that’s really caught our eye. Introducing the LYTE Mini Portable Projector, with a USB input, wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a 2.5hr battery life, Friday nights ain’t so bad after all!

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker

When it comes to speakers, they can be quite bland. Rather than a centrepiece, they can become another tech item that sits on your shelf. Well, Louis Vuitton is bridging the gap between style and sound with their latest speaker drop. Introducing the Horizon Light Up Speaker. Emulating the look of a spaceship without compromising on quality, these speakers are seriously out of this world.

Lego Scanning App! may be one of the best apps we’ve come across in a long time! Designed to scan your messy pile of Lego bricks and give you building suggestions – this is the perfect app for any Lego lover! The Brickit app will even point out exactly where the needed bricks are in your pile, so you won’t have to go searching!

Automatic Soap Dispenser

There’s no doubt, Kmart keeps bringing out innovative items that fuel our household needs without breaking the bank. But their Automatic Soap Dispenser has to be one of their best creations yet. The contactless dispenser features a 200ml capacity, so you can load it up with soap for the bathroom, or as a communal device for hand sanitiser in the kitchen!