Spiderman Neon Sign Wall Art

What better way to celebrate @spiderman Day than with a spiderman light! Spider-Man light, Spider-Man light. Does whatever a spider can! Hangs from a web, of any size. Catches nightmares, just like flies. Look out! Here comes your Spider-man light for just $170!Who’s your fave Spider-Man actor? Fight it out in the comments.


There’s nothing worse than internet lag right when you’re in the middle of binging Stranger Things. Thanks to @exetel, you and your household will experience fast, safe and easy NBN at the touch of a button with no lock-in contracts!Exetel provides you with up to 5 FREE Boost Days a month, allowing you to intensify the speed at any point so you can kick your show binge game up a gear!Go on, it’s time you experience seamless streaming with worry-free unlimited data!CTA: Link in bio to seamlessly stream See


A great gaming session is one where there are no hiccups! @exetel is here to deliver on stress-free game nights! We’re talking high-speed NBN plans, including a Speed Boost button that’ll give you an extra fast connection. Win all your battles, defeat all your foes and become renowned online for being the fastest gamer around!Link in bio to check out Exetel’s NBN plans See for full terms and conditions.

EBO Pet Cam

Feeling anxious about leaving your pet alone after months of working from home? This genius lil robot from @enabot_official lets you follow your pets every step… and lets you play with them as well!No more watching from a single pet cam, now you can watch as your cat interacts with Ebo and its built-in toys and laser pointer! Plus, if you’re busy and don’t have time to initiate playtime, you can set alarms and your Ebo will hop off its charging port and will play with your fur ball.Know someone who needs this in their life? Tag them below!


The newest gaming console is a Rubik’s Cube!?! Physically interact with this digital game by twisting, tilting and shaking @wowcube. It’s giving bop-it but with video games!For just $500 you not only get endless fun but life essentials like an alarm clock, light, and calendar! (It’s also way cheaper than the sold-out ps5!) Tag your gamer gang to get excited for entertainment unlike no other.

NBA World

The brains behind @pokemongoapp are making an NBA game! Is this the next big craze? Releasing in time for the 2022/23 season, you’ll roam the real world to battle famous players, collect basketball accessories, and personalise your avatar. NBA All-World will be available on smartphones and you can register to play early on their site.

Sonic Lamb Eargasm

The new Sonic Lamb earphones apparently give you an EARGASM. So you can probs say cya to your Airpods if that’s your kinda thing. Combining air and body conduction, you have never felt music like this before. Our mechanoreceptors receptors deserve pleasure too. Available from July 19th.

Unisex Heated Scarf

This heated scarf is perfect for that chilly work commute! You NEED this heated scarf from @ororo.wear! In just 3 seconds you’ll go from “brrr” to “mm” so toasty! At the low price of $150, you get 3 levels of heat for every temperature. Oh, and did we mention it’s water AND wind-resistant!