Adidas have made Miles Morales' spiderman shoes available in real life!

Get your hands on these Miles Morales’ spidey sneaks! Adidas is making Miles’ kicks from the upcoming Playstation game available IRL. The design was influenced by New York street style and the classic Adidas Superstars, Combines with the iconic red and black from Miles’ spidey-suit. The shoes look identical to the ones you see Miles wearing in the game and are available for both adults and kids. You can purchase the kicks from Adidas on November 19th.

Resell Your Old Tech On eBay

Here’s a hot tip that’ll help you rake in the cash this Christmas: you can resell your old and unused tech on eBay! Whether it’s an original PS1 console or the iconic Gameboy Colour, there’s always someone out there hunting for cheap tech that’s in good nick. If your drawers are filled with tech you no longer use, why not make some extra cash by selling it on eBay?

Disney wheelchair covers

Disney’s made some magical wheelchair covers for children to transform their chairs. Their website currently offers two delightful designs, Cinderella’s carriage and the Incredimobile so kids can pull up sporting one of their favourite films.

Refurbished tech

Whether you’re eco-conscious or strapped for cash eBay’s stock of near-new, refurbished tech lets you upgrade your personal devices for a fraction of the cost of the new stuff. We’re talking Canon cameras, iPhones, Kindles and so much more.