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We’ve curated a guide of must-buy dog products to turn you into the ultimate pet owner! Shop the best toys, beds, bowls and much more, online and in one easy place!

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Pet Trampoline Bed


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

Ensure maximum comfort all year long with the Pet Trampoline. Made for reclining in style, the gentle cushioning provides comfort, while the high-quality yet breathable fabric will ensure years of use.


Pet Glasses


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

Keep your pupper sun safe while looking hella stylish with these groovy glasses. The Pet Glasses feature a durable metal frame that ensure comfortably, while the sleek finish will have the puparazzi barking up a storm!


Beco Travel Bowl

$6.75 - $17.50

(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

Be prepared for all your adventures with the Beco Travel Bowl. Made for travelling, the collapsible design will ensure your pup never misses a meal no matter where you go.


RogLite Collar With Light


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

Add a touch of brightness to your late-night walks with RogLite. Simply pop the illuminated device on your pet’s collar for maximum visibility. With a flicker or continuous setting, you’ll keep you and your furry friend safe on the roads and footpath.


Slow Feeder Pet Bowl


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

The Loving Pets Bowl Gobble Stopper 3 is made for the puppies and full grown dogs that need to slow down when eating. Slowing down feeding by up to 500%, this is an essential for pet parents who need to keep an eye on their pet’s feeding habits.


Heated Pet Bed


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

Keep your furry friend cosy with this heated pet bed from Kmart!
The ultimate way to keep warm on those cold nights, you’ll want one for yourself!


Pet Grooming Gloves


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

The Pet Grooming Glove is perfect for when your dog starts shedding. With silicone tips that easily pick up fur, say goobye to couches covered in dog hair and fussy bathtimes!


Pet Carrier Booster Seat


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

Give your pupper a little boost on all your adventures with this Car Carrier. With safety straps and an easy to assemble design, your pupper will be a backseat bandit in no time and you’ll be following correct road rules.


Dog Baseball Cap


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

The Dog Cap is the fashionable way to keep your puppy sun safe on those warm afternoon walks. With a range of super cute designs, you can set off into the world in matching outfits.


Paw Dog Bed

$33.94 - $40.94

(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

The Paw Dog Bed is a must-have for your fur baby this winter. With a fleece lining that’s super plush, this adorable design will put a smile on you and your pupper’s face!


Capsule Pet Backpack


(Price At Date May 21, 2021)

Take your pupper on all your adventures with the Pet Astronaut Capsule Backpack. Comfortable and safe, the clear space window will give your pupper views like no other and give the world a glimpse of your cute companion.


Ball Launcher


(Price At Date April 16, 2021)

Make fetch extra fun with this Tennis Ball Launcher. Crafted from a lightweight plastic that can shoot balls up to 600cm, this device is made for countless hours of fun with your four-legged friend.


Kmart Raincoats


(Price At Date April 16, 2021)

Protect your pupper from the rain with the Pet Raincoat from Kmart. Simply adorable, this lightweight, bright yellow jacket is perfect for small pups such as a jack russell or pug.


Kong Cyro


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Keep your dog entertained all summer long with the KONG Gyro. This exciting toy should be stuffed with treats, so your dog can discover delicious delights as they uncover this playful puzzle.


Dog Gun Launcher

$22.99 (41% off from $39.00)

(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

The Dog Gun Launcher is a must-have for those park play dates. This epic device has nine distance settings, so you can keep up with all of your dog’s playtime demands.


Colourful Bow Ties for Dogs


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Keep your fur baby looking extra sharp this silly season with the Fashion Bow Tie. With an assortment of shades, you can even colour coordinate your pupper’s bow to your outfit!


Polkadot Dog Dress


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Give you pupper an extra festive makeover with this adorable Polka Dot Dog Dress. The stunning red dress has a gold bow, and a voluminous tutu so your dog is photo-ready this silly season.


Hot Dog Dog Costume


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Turn your pupper into the hottest dog on the block with this adorable costume. The Hot Dog Pet Costume has two soft buns that perfectly hold a piece of meat, also known as your dog. And to top it off, it comes with a squirt of mustard for extra flavour!


Denim Dress Dog Harness


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Give your pupper a bit of ‘90s loving with the Dog Harness Dress in denim. This fashionable piece has a delicate flower decal, and with breathable fabric, it’s the ultimate statement piece!


IQ Puppy Treat DIspenser


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Make playtime extra fun for your pupper with this Wooden Puppy Treat Dispenser. You can pop various treats in one of the twelve boxes, and watch as your dog eagerly tries to unlock their prize.


Dog Goggles


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Keep your pupper sun safe this summer with these groovy goggles. Not only will your dog look super fly on those trips to the park, these goggles come with UV protection to protect your pet’s eyes from the damaging effects of the sun.


Interactive Dog Puzzle


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

The Treat Dispensing Interactive Puzzle will keep your pupper entertained for hours. This puzzle encourages independent play, while rewarding your furry friend with a cheeky little treat.


Spiderman Outfit


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Transform your pupper into the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man with this epic costume. The Spider-Man Costume features a bodysuit and cloak, so you’ll know when this crime-fighting superhero is on the way!


Pet Snuffle Mat


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Keep your pupper excited this summer with the Pet Snuffle Mat. This bright coloured blanket has an array of textures and puzzles that will ignite your pet’s curiosity, while encouraging their natural foraging skills.


Christmas Fancy Dress Outfit


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Get your pupper in the Christmas spirit with this adorable Santa Claus costume. With breathable fabric and a sweet little hat, this costume is perfect for those Christmas Eve family photos!


Aussie Dog Home Alone


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

The Home Alone Dog toy is perfect for the dogs that can’t seem to sit still. The device features a bungie with a treat dispensing ball on the end, so your pupper can enjoy endless hours of tug a war. This toy is a must-have for the energetic dogs that need to be entertained all day long!


Bamboo Feeding Ball


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Keep your pupper entertained for hours on end with the KONG Bamboo Feeder Ball. This unpredictable form of play will unleash your dog’s curiosity, while keeping them busy all summer long.


Tennis Ball Blaster


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Shoot your shot with the Blaster & Tennis Ball Set by NERF. This hand-held launcher can sling tennis balls over 10m in the air, so you have no excuses for not playing with your pup all day long!


Jumping Activation Ball


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Give your fur baby endless hours of fun with this Jumping Activation Ball. With flashing lights and engaging sounds, this is bound to be your dog’s new favourite toy.