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40cm Large Roaster


(Price At Date December 3, 2020)

Create mouth-watering midweek meals with the 40cm Large Roaster. This versatile roaster features high-fired stoneware that keeps food warm, while the chic finish is sure to make a statement at any dinner party.


Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan


(Price At Date December 3, 2020)

Grill like a pro with the Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan. Perfect for getting a tasty char on your steak, the non-stick design is dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to worry about endless hours scrubbing your pans!


Set of 3 Cake Tins


(Price At Date December 3, 2020)

Store all your freshly baked goods in these stunning storage containers. The Moon Cash Cake Tins come in a set of three, and feature a vintage design that will look utterly elegant on any countertop.


BBQ Tongs


(Price At Date December 3, 2020)

Take control of the BBQ like a boss with these BBQ Tongs. Made for grilling and easy flipping, this handy tool is a game-changer for the avid cooks.


Tri Ply Textured Roaster


(Price At Date December 2, 2020)

Make sure your potatoes are extra crispy with the Textured Roaster. Cleverly designed for perfect heat distribution across the whole pan and finished with a contemporary mirror interior, the roaster can withstand high temperatures to roast, sear and cook to perfection!


Set of 4 Roasting Trays


(Price At Date December 2, 2020)

Cook up sweet and savoury delights with this four-piece Roasting Tray set. Perfect for pizza, muffins and sweet treats, there’s even a four-cup Yorkshire pudding tray to make Sunday roasts extra special.


Ice Cream Scoop


(Price At Date December 2, 2020)

This stainless steel Ice Cream Scoop is a must-have kitchen essential for Insta-worthy ice cream sundaes! Made to last many summers to come, get ready to make the silly season extra sweet.


Kambrook 3 Way Egg Cooker


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Take the humble egg to new heights with the Kambrook 3 Way Egg Cooker. This handy little machine can cook up to eight boiled eggs at a time. Plus, if you feel like making breakfast a little more exciting, you can try making mini omelettes or poached eggs!


Eurochef Cold Press Slow Juicer


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Get your greens in with the EuroChef Cold Press Slow Juicer. Cold press juice has a plethora of benefits due to its slow extraction process that retains nutrients and vitamins. This innovative juicer squeezes the goodness out of everything, from fresh to frozen fruits and veggies, so you can get your five a day in every morning.


FlavorStone 3 Piece 28cm Pan Set


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Forget the oil, the FlavorStone 3-Piece set features a non-stick sapphire coating that requires no oil and half the heat when cooking! Perfect for creating fuss-free meals that require minimal cleaning, what will you be cooking up?


Hawkins Big Boy Pressure Cooker 18L


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Prepare a feast that will satisfy the whole family with the Hawkins Big Boy Aluminium Pressure Cooker. The 18L beauty will transform those hearty chunks of meat into tender piece of goodness in no time.


SOGA Portable Induction Cooktop


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Enjoy comforting home cooked meals wherever you go with the Portable Induction Cooktop from SOGA. This compact cooker is perfect for those summer escapes, and with eight heat settings and the ability to produce heat 40% faster than a traditional stovetop, this little beauty may be a regular in your kitchen!


Flora Yoghurt Maker

from $71.43

(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Create creamy Greek yogurt from the comfort of your home with the Flora Greek Yogurt Maker. This multi-purpose machine has a yogurt and rice wine function, so the kids can enjoy a healthy lunch, while you sip on a glass of wine.


Beurer Digital Round Kitchen Scale


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Make every measurement perfect with the Digital Round Kitchen Scale from Beurer. With multiple measurement modes that accurately measure all your ingredients, this is a kitchen essential for all the bakers out there.


Sunbeam Compact Bakehouse 750g Bread Maker


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Enjoy freshly baked bread on those lazy Sunday mornings with the Compact Bakehouse Bread Maker from Sunbeam. This bread maker is perfect for creating fresh pastries, loaves and even jam, so you can enjoy fresh treats from the comfort of your home!


SOGA Electric Teppanyaki Grill


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Turn dinner into an immersive experience with the SOGA BBQ Grill. This electric BBQ is perfect for recreating the magic of teppanyaki at home. The ribbed plate will give your meat a tasty char-grilled finish, while you can cook your veggies to perfection on the non-stick plate.


Crock-Pot Multi Express Crock XL


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Create fuss-free meals for the whole family with the Crock-Pot Multi Express Crock Xl. This multifunctional appliance has eight cooking functions, so you can create delicious meals that are ready to go after a long day.


Baccarat Prepare Spiraliser


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Make summer salads extra special with this fruit and vegetable Spiraliser.The Baccarat Prepare Spiraliser comes with three inserts, so you can create wide, medium and spaghetti style spirals.


Heller 25L Digital Microwave Oven - Black


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Take the stress out of meal time with the Digital Microwave Oven from Heller. The oven features a 25L capacity and 10 power levels, so whether you need to defrost a piece of meat or you’re heating up your favourite meals, this appliance has you covered.


Ariete Electric Cheese Grater


(Price At Date November 1, 2020)

Make all your dishes extra flavourful with this electric cheese grater. This handy device transforms into a cheese bowl, so you can sprinkle as much cheese on your dishes as your heart desires!


Kogan Deep Dish Pie Maker


(Price At Date July 2, 2020)

Create little morsels of deliciousness with the Deep Dish Pie Maker. This appliance is the easy way to make homemade pies full of your favourite fillings. Whether you go for a savoury or sweet option, we can’t wait to enjoy some homemade fruit mince pies this Christmas!


Avanti Jumbo Avocado Saver


(Price At Date July 2, 2020)

Make your precious avocados last longer with this adorable Avocado Saver. Ensuring your halved avocados don’t go back from oxidation, this is a must-have if you’re a sucker for a slice of smashed avo toast.


Avanti Omelette Pan with Egg Poacher


(Price At Date July 2, 2020)

Thought cooking eggs couldn’t get easier? The Omelette Pan with Egg Poacher will prove you wrong! This innovative little appliance is divided in two sections so you can create a perfect omelette. It also comes with an accessory to poach eggs, so you have no excuses for not having a hearty breakfast!