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The newest gaming console is a Rubik’s Cube!?! Physically interact with this digital game by twisting, tilting and shaking @wowcube. It’s giving bop-it but with video games!For just $500 you not only get endless fun but life essentials like an alarm clock, light, and calendar! (It’s also way cheaper than the sold-out ps5!) Tag your gamer gang to get excited for entertainment unlike no other.

Steam Deck

Valve has an official release date for the Steam Deck! After delaying it late last year, they will be launching their new handheld console on 25th Feb 2022. You can play your entire Steam library on the go, or dock it to play on your TV. It’s got 40hrs battery life, a slick new UI and multiple storage options. Registrations for pre-orders are open, but expect some delays due to high demand.

Bed Fan

The perfect temperature is essential for a good, deep sleep. Designed to combat night sweats and heat rushes from menopause, this under-the-covers bed fan is cooling sleepers down by blowing cold air directly onto them through the bedsheets, without the expensive air conditioning bills.