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Don’t fear beer lovers, we’ve sorted a solution for the rising costs of a cold one!The answer? At-home beers!Australia’s beer tax just went up! Making it the 4th highest in the world. We’re talking up to $15 for a pint at the pub. It’s time to shift gears and get your beers for cheap with @firstchoiceliquormarket. It’s your new local, serving up all the best crafties you know and love, just without the hefty price tag. We’ve got our eyes on @younghenrys, @stoneandwood, @tinniesbeer, @moondogbrewing, and @bentspokebeer in our carts. What are you bringing to the party?


Calling all ginger beer lovers! @vodkasodaand has created your latest obsession: ginger beer that’s packing a punch and isn’t afraid of a little BITE!With just 127 calories per can and a low-sugar, gluten-free recipe, this is one ginger beer you can count on being a crowd pleaser!Right now when you purchase a case of ginger beer, Vodka Soda & will throw in a free hoodie to keep you warm this winter! How good’s that!


We’ve just discovered Guinness Draught cans and we’re absolutely obsessed! They have the same creamy taste that you’ll find on tap at your local, with the convenience of an on-the-go can. Plus, they come straight from Dublin so you know they’re the real deal!


If you’ve made it this far into Dry July, @liquorlandau has a huge selection of alcohol-free booze to see you through to the end!From zero percent Great Northerns, Sauvignon Blancs, Gordon’s Gin and more – you’ll be keeping the fun alive while saying goodbye to dreaded hangovers well beyond Dry July.


Just because you’re doing Dry July doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the refreshing taste of a crisp brew! First Choice Liquor’s range of non-alcoholic beers are sure to cure your beer cravings while sticking to the challenge. With everything from James Squire to Great Northern, you’ll find one to suit your tastes.

Willie The Boatman's Albo Pale Ale

One of inner-west Sydney’s best brewers (and one of the new PM’s favourites) @willietheboatman has just revived the Young Hot Albo meme from 2013 with their newest release, the Albo Pale Ale! This fruity mix of corn and pilsner is a delicious new addition to Willie the Boatman’s already great lineup of craft beers. Grab a 4 pack for $22 or a case for $95 when they release on June 1st.


Wanna know why @boozebud is beloved all over Australia? We done the legwork for you!These are our top 5 reasons why we love @boozebud… in under 30 seconds! Once you watch this video, you’ll be convinced too!Spoiler: they do EPIC weekly deals! So now’s the time to check them out.


When it comes to autumn brews, Australia’s craft breweries and Liquorland have you covered. Grab @4pinesbeer’s take on a German kolsch with refreshing citrus aromas, try @akashabrew’s Hopsmith for a deliciously earthy IPA, or trust in Canberra’s @bentspokebeer for their sweet-as Red Nut IPA and tropical Crankshaft IPA. Settle into the season with a new favourite craft beer – or four.

Themed Beer Pong Tables

If you’re one for beer pong and also love your sports, you need to make room for these themed beer pong tables!From soccer, NRL, NFL, cricket, golf, basketball and more – you’ll be able to support your favourite team while taking your own massive beer pong win from the sidelines. Know a beer pong champ who needs one? Tag them below! : catch.com.au