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First Choice Liquor Market

Get ready to taste 130 years of Japanese heritage because Yebisu has arrived at First Choice Liquor Market! As Sapporo’s premium beer, it carries their rich malt flavour, toasty hop aroma and a gentle, creamy froth. Brewed in Toyko in 1830 to introduce the German beer style to Japan, this crispy, dry lager is light and very sessionable despite sitting at 5% ABV. So while borders aren’t fully open, get your Japanese beer fix with a pack of authentic Yebisu!

Willie The Boatman's Albo Pale Ale

One of inner-west Sydney’s best brewers (and one of the new PM’s favourites) @willietheboatman has just revived the Young Hot Albo meme from 2013 with their newest release, the Albo Pale Ale! This fruity mix of corn and pilsner is a delicious new addition to Willie the Boatman’s already great lineup of craft beers. Grab a 4 pack for $22 or a case for $95 when they release on June 1st.