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Personalised Boxer Shorts

Give the gift of laughter and practicality this Valentine’s Day with these personalised boxer shorts!Simply choose the image, colour, waistband text and get them shipped to your door in seconds! Think you know someone who should gift this to their S/O? Tag them below! : My Face Boxer

Cat Vs Dog Chess Board

@urbanoutfitters are selling the ultimate chess board! If you’ve been watching a little too much of The Queen’s Gambit and adore cats and dogs, this board was made for you. It’s a Cats Vs. Dogs Chess Set that sends tiny little game pieces off into battle. Picture different dog and cat breeds battling it out on a chess board. It doesn’t get any cuter!Tag someone who NEEDs one of these in their life!

Lightsaber Chopsticks

We found lightsaber chopsticks from @scifitoys…tag a Star Wars fan to let them know!Okay, so if eating wasn’t already fun enough – you can now eat with lightsabers and the best part? They’re only $20! The bad news? They’re selling FAST!Which character chopsticks would you be first to secure? Let us know below!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

@cottonon is giving us the Christmas tree ornaments we want and need. Why decorate your tree with aesthetic decorations when you can hang some seriously funny, seriously trendy pieces? Love Coke? Hang it on the tree. Love Darth Vader? Hang him on the tree. Love donuts? Hang one on the tree.Tag someone who needs some new tree ornaments!

Slice 3D Pizza Bag

@katespadeny have thought INSIDE the box with their new handbag… a pizza box, that is! Known for their novelty bags, this bedazzled bag pays homage to their NYC roots – a slice of NYC pizza!And while it’s pretty true-to-size, this bag can still fit in your smartphone and some cards!Now we’re hungry…

Light Soy

These soy sauce bottle lamps from @heliograf.design are a playful addition to your home or business. They are recycled from ocean-bound plastics, taken from regions where ocean waste is the main source of pollution. With adjustable LED lights, 20 hours of battery life, and power plugs fitted locally to your region, they’re as functional as they are stylish. Order by December 10th to ensure it arrives before Christmas.

Bunnings Building Block Set

Did you know there’s a @bunnings building block set? It contains six individual parts, making up 544 pieces in total. Get the central warehouse piece for $30 and the truck, trolley, forklift, cafe and playground pieces for $10 each. The building blocks are compatible with most other block brands.

Custom Bobblehead

@soufeeljewelry is making the ultimate desk/car accessory. Forget framed photos! Get yourself a custom bobblehead (or stationary head… whichever you prefer) of your friend, loved one, or even yourself! You can put it on your car dashboard as a funny momentum, or on your desk at home or at work, so that you’re constantly reminded of that special someone. Which bobblehead do you have your eye on? Comment below!