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Cat Vs Dog Chess Board

@urbanoutfitters are selling the ultimate chess board! If you’ve been watching a little too much of The Queen’s Gambit and adore cats and dogs, this board was made for you. It’s a Cats Vs. Dogs Chess Set that sends tiny little game pieces off into battle. Picture different dog and cat breeds battling it out on a chess board. It doesn’t get any cuter!Tag someone who NEEDs one of these in their life!


How does one make a can of beer any better? By giving it a jacket, of course!Now your bevvy can be as adventurous as you are, with these incredibly cute designs from @puffindrinkwear. They’ll keep your beer cool, while looking hot!

Beauty Washing Machine

A washing machine… for makeup sponges?! That’s right! This beauty washing machine from @urbanoutfitters is designed to keep your sponges and brushes clean. It’s fun, easy to use and comes in 3 colours (white, pastel pink and mint) that’ll look super cute on your bathroom vanity.Would you try this out? Let us know below!