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Rare variegated string of pearls cuttings

Finally! We’ve found where you can get the rare variegated string of pearls. An eBay stockist is helping out every single plant mum by selling cutting of their own magical plant. 15cm cuttings arrive via post ready to pot, grow, and provide you with a super cute plant that you’ll likely not see anywhere else.

Succulent wall planters

Let your indoor jungle wake over with these oh so cute succulent wall planters. Tuck your little cuties into the box, then attach a few hooks to the wall to secure the adorable hanger. Renting? No trouble! Use detachable, adhesive hooks to secure.

Alienware M17 R3

The new Alienware M17 Laptop balances epic aesthetics with unrivalled power. The latest in the Alienware range, it has a magnesium alloy construction for better cooling and non-stop gaming. Check it out now.

Unique Monopoly Editions

It’s not surprising that Monopoly has released many different editions of the classic board game, but you might be surprised to discover some of their most unique sets like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Aussie towns and cities sets. Mix up your next board game night by adding one to your collection.