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Hailey Bieber's Highlighter Pants

Hailey Bieber recently posted an IG story in her super chic highlighter pants with the caption, ‘highlighter pants are IT for summer, you heard it here first’ and we’re OBSESSED! But if you can’t convince yourself to spend a lil’ over $1000 to replicate her look, feat not! We’ve found these super trendy highlighter pants for as little as $20! Trust us, you’ll be cool for the summer (and winter!) with these bright neon, highlighter pants!

Sneaker Slippers!

Know a guy who refuses to take off his sneakers indoor? Well, we may have found just the solution! These sneaker slippers will provide stylish warmth all winter long for those who can’t bear to part with their beloved kicks. Handmade and designed to be a one-size fits all, these slippers will make the perfect gift this winter!

Ikea Meatball Purse

If you’re anything like us and want food wherever you go, well…now you can (kinda!). These insanely realistic bags come in a range of designs, replicating Ikea meatballs, raw chicken, pancakes, nachos and so much more! Whatever you fave food (or drink) is, we are pretty sure you’ll find the perfect bag to celebrate it! Trust us, your outfit will be the talk of the town with one of these by your side!

Harry Styles Air Fresheners!

We’ve found Harry Styles air fresheners for your car and all we can say is, you’re welcome! These stunning double-sided Harrys come with their own unique scent, including melon milkshake, vanilla, bubble-gum and more! Want Harry to keep your car smelling (and looking) fresh? Grab yours before they sell out!

Lux Pet TeePee!

This lux teepee will be the perfect home for your pet this winter, PLUS it’ll match your home decor whatever your style! Made from super soft material, this pet bed will ensure your furry friend feels safe and warm all night long! Plus, with waterproof nylon and a water-repelling shell, you can guarantee this teepee will keep spills inside or out!