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Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t let the build-up of dust, crumbs and dirt ruin your keyboard. Check out this handheld desktop vacuum! It’s small, lightweight and strong enough to be able to get into every little nook and cranny. This handy little device is an essential addition to your office space. Powered by AA batteries, it’s available online for just $20.99! A pretty good price to pay to say goodbye to dusty keyboards if you ask us.


Yes, this memory foam pillow looks freaky, but it’s a deadset game-changer when it comes to getting rid of neck aches and experiencing Goldilocks-like sleep! Using a cooling foam and @eva.home’s trademark TENCEL fabric, it stays cool and breathable all night long! Plus, it’s infused with activated charcoal, which helps fight off moisture, odours and bacteria. And, if you’re finding it’s too firm, simply take off the washable cover for a super plush pillow. Not convinced? Eva offers a 365-day trial with free shipping, so you can literally sleep on it!


@theiconicau is offering 30% off on all Sheridan silk pillowcases and trust us, the sale won’t hang around for long!Made from 100% Mulberry Silk, the luxurious Lanham Collection offers incomparable softness and comfort that both your hair and skin will thank you for! Go on, snag this deal while it lasts and let the self care begin!


@sheridanaustralia is knocking it out of the park this EOFY with a HUGE sale! Get up to 40% off on pillows, sheets, quilts, and more!With research finding that most Aussies don’t get enough sleep, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your bedding to finally achieve that sought-after perfect night’s sleep.


Do you know why wedge pillows are so highly-rated?! They’re designed to give you a better night’s sleep and people are raving about them! The elevated design means you can skirt those winter colds, relieve tension on problematic areas like your neck and your back and even prevent snoring. (We also think it makes a great headboard for a movie marathon… but that’s just us!)Get free shipping and an epic price on this @ebayau find!

Spill Proof Bowl

Okay, we’re kinda obsessed with @mysnackbowl’s ‘Gyro Bowl’. This bowl is specially designed to spin 360 degrees so that the open side always stays up…and we mean ALWAYS! So whether you have a toddler or a grown partner who struggles to eat breakfast without making a mess, this bowl is for you!Currently on sale for just $25, tag a friend who needs one!

Flufl Dog Bed

Have you always wanted to sleep on a dog bed? Good news, there are now dog beds for HUMANS! Plus you can nap with your furry friend without getting your doona furry. For just $500 you support small businesses AND GET THE BEST NAP OF YOUR LIFE! Just in time for winter.


Shopping for the right mattress can be exhausting… and expensive! But @amartfurniture is hooking Aussies up with a good night’s sleep. Get $200 off Amart’s Nook Mattress In A Box! It’s customisable, which means you and your bedfellow can have each side of the bed exactly how you like it. Plush, medium or firm… the gel-infused memory foam can be swapped out however you see fit! Order before June 30th and score the discount, a 180-night free trial AND free and fast delivery!