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Oodie Pillow Toys

Feeling cosy in your warm @the_oodie blanket-jumper? Now, you can get a MATCHING avo and toast pillow toy to cuddle with while you binge-watch Netflix for the next 6 hours! These seriously fluffy and cuddly inventions are sure to make any space instantly more cosy and comfy. Give them as a gift for yourself, a kiddo, a pet or a loved one! There’s so many people that would love this toy.

Finn the Duck

@finntheduck_official is quickly becoming everyones favourite duck (sorry Donald!) and we can see why!Finn the Duck is the cosiest little lamp that turns on and off with a simple touch of the head, keeping you company wherever and whenever you need him!Plus, with 15 and 30 minute timers, Finn can turn off without you even having to leave your bed. Trust us, he’s a keeper!

Pikachu Lamps!

Finding the perfect lighting for any bedroom can always be a challenge, but with these sleeping Pikachu’s you can create a subtle, warm and cosy vibe in seconds!Perfect for a kids bedroom, these mini Pikachu lamps can be used as a night light or just as cool home décor for a Pokémon lovin’ kid! : etsy

Calming Weighted Blankets

Have you hopped on the weighted blanket trend yet?! Studies have shown that they can relieve stress and improve sleep!Whether you’re curling up in front of the TV or just after deeper REM sleep, these weighted blankets from @calmingblankets will make you feel like you’re getting a big, long hug.Best of all, they’re having a HUGE winter sale right now. You can also sign up to their mailing list and receive $110 OFF your first order!

Wavy Mugs

Are you bored of drinking your morning coffee out of the same plain mugs every day?We found these epic double-layered glass mugs from @the.wavy.company, perfect for adding some extra personality to your kitchen cupboard!Drop-safe, compact and easy to handle, these mugs come in a range of adorable animal designs, including festive mugs for Christmas!

Harry Potter Mandrake Rootlings!

If you’re a wannabe wizard who dreams of life at Hogwarts, well, you’re not alone! That’s why we’ve found these magical Mandrake Rootlings that you can add to your home to add some much needed magic to the muggle world. The best part? These baby Mandrakes even scream when you push them down! Don’t worry, they’re still young enough to not cause any permanent damage!

ALDI Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained copious amounts of popularity throughout the last couple of years and there’s no denying why. Known for helping improve sleep and encouraging a sense of calm, these blankets feel like a warm hug. While there are many on the market, they can be quite costly. Well don’t stress, because ALDI has launched a Weighted Blanket for only $70 and at a fraction of the price of its designer dupes, this is a deal you don’t want to miss.

Calming Pet Beds!

If you have a pup that seems to be extra anxious and can’t get the restful sleep they need, @pupnapsofficial has the perfect solution! Pupnaps has created pet beds that are specially designed to keep your pup calm and feeling secure all night long! Taking Australia by storm, you’re gonna wanna get in quick!

Lord of the Rings Planter

We may have found the one planter to rule all planters, and if you’re a LOTR fan – you’re gonna agree! This epic Lord of the Rings planter will showcase your beloved plants in true Middle Earth style, giving your plants the power they always wished for! Available in whichever colour you’d like, this biodegradable planter will be your new fave home addition!