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DIY Nail Kit

If you’re stuck at home and your next salon trip is due for the nails, then don’t panic. Tres She Instant Acrylics has a mind-blowing range of DIY nail kits for you. From medium-length stunners to ultra-long killers, there’s too many to pick from. Plus, each of the nails can be filed or clipped for full customisation. So how about glamming up those nails? Get your kit.

Beauty Fridge

Know a skin care fanatic who deserves to treat themselves?! We recommend this beauty fridge dedicated solely to skin care! This adorable fridge will keep your skin care products cool, fresh and increase their shelf life! Plus it’s super chic and luxe design will make it a super cool addition to your home! Available in both beige and pink, you’re sure to find the perfect fridge for you!

Boba Tea Lip Cream

We love cute, novelty make up kits and this collection has out hearts. Boba Lab has a bubble tea lip cream collection that we just can’t get over. The make up comes in small boba bottles and there’s four shades in the kit. From soft to darker colours that’ll go with every fit, this is a must have. Ready for that bubble tea makeover? Get your gift box.

Whipped Soaps

Having too many whipped things in life is not a thing. And thank goodness, because these whipped soaps have us spinning with joy. So Scentified are bringing us the cutest pastel soaps in four fruity scents which you can add to your collection. Life is sweet and always in need of whipped cream.

Kawaii Gaming Chair

So you’ve thrown everything into making the best kawaii gaming set up ever, but it’s missing one important detail. The chair behind your desk looks too plain and is disturbing the ambiance. Well, we have you covered with these winged kawaii gaming chairs that come in four colours. Now you can keep everything within theme in your ultimate gaming space.

Bubble Tea Earrings

Is boba your life’s liquid love? Now you can showcase that bond with your favourite drink through these adorable bubble tea earrings. They’ve got the glass, pearls and all. Talk about a realistic boba. They’re limited edition, shipping worldwide and selling out fast.

Ocean Inspired Roller Skates

These ocean-inspired roller skates are just the thing you need for your next rollerskating trip. They have a super fashionable grey and blue look with little turtles in the lining. What more could you want?

A portion of the sales also goes to Black Rainbow, a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBQTI+SB organisation that provides support for positive health and well-being.