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Cat Backpack

Hate leaving your fur baby at home? This unique, retro backpack carrier is PURRFECT for taking your little one along on all your adventures.With built-in LED lights, diffused brown window to reduce external stimuli, and automatic or manual air circulation control, your cat will be travelling in complete comfort.Which colour are you grabbing?

Cat Vs Dog Chess Board

@urbanoutfitters are selling the ultimate chess board! If you’ve been watching a little too much of The Queen’s Gambit and adore cats and dogs, this board was made for you. It’s a Cats Vs. Dogs Chess Set that sends tiny little game pieces off into battle. Picture different dog and cat breeds battling it out on a chess board. It doesn’t get any cuter!Tag someone who NEEDs one of these in their life!


Always losing your glasses? Let these adorable critters help!From @mooddeco, these super simple yet super adorable glasses holders are the easiest way to keep track of your glasses.With zebras, seals, cats, dogs, and even donkeys, there’s a little critter for everyone!

Christmas Tree Pet Bed

Depending on who you ask, the Christmas season is well and truly upon us and that means the gift hunting has begun. But what about your pets?!This Christmas tree cat bed comes in two sizes and with a price tag of just $32, it is guaranteed to be the best gift you’ll purchase all year! Know a cat parent who NEEDS to know about this? Tag them below! : Etsy

Kmart Cat Play System

We treat our cats like little kings and queens, so it’s only fitting that they should get their own castle! This cardboard cat castle from Kmart is full of hidden nooks and hidey holes that are bound to stimulate your cat, but might also inflate their ego. You can rearrange the set any way you like to fit a certain space, or to keep your cat entertained with new spots to discover. The set is available now in-store and online for just $25.


Dog Goggles

Keep your pupper sun safe this summer with these groovy goggles. Not only will your dog look super fly on those trips to the park, these goggles come with UV protection to protect your pet’s eyes from the damaging effects of the sun.