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Samosa Maker

We’ve seen Kmart’s sausage roll and pie maker fly off shelves, but we’ve found something that’s giving these two appliances a run for their money. Introducing the Samosa Maker! With space for six glorious samosas, this appliance will unleash your creativity in the kitchen.


Breakfast: The Cookbook

Now there’s no excuse to miss the most important meal of the day with Breakfast: The Cookbook. Showcasing breakfast dishes from around the world, this comforting cookbook will take you on a flavour-filled trip, and there’s no passport required!



Creating fuss-free meals without excesss oil, the air fryer has become a kitchen essential. Showcasing the beauty of this versatile appliance in his book, Air Fryer Express. George will have you cooking up a sweet and savoury feast thanks to the air fryer!



Written by David Chang, this wonderful book is an ode to Korean/Asian cuisine with a western twist. Defying the categories of fusion food, Momofuku will inspire you to cook outside the box