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Colour Reveal Barbie

Touted as one of the hottest toys of 2020, the Barbie Colour Reveal doll presents a toy and activity in one. What your Barbie looks like is a complete surprise until you submerge the doll into a colour-changing solution and her true form is revealed.

Resell Your Old Tech On eBay

Here’s a hot tip that’ll help you rake in the cash this Christmas: you can resell your old and unused tech on eBay! Whether it’s an original PS1 console or the iconic Gameboy Colour, there’s always someone out there hunting for cheap tech that’s in good nick. If your drawers are filled with tech you no longer use, why not make some extra cash by selling it on eBay?

Ultra Smart Dehumidifier

This set and forget dehumidifier works hard through the summer so you don’t have to. With automatic systems that adjust to the room temperature and level of humidity in the home, all you have to do it turn it on and wait for the air to turn cool, calm, and clean.