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The Mulligan Genie

Are you sick of losing golf? Still getting caught dropping balls out of your pocket? Unable to chip it out of the water? Well, you need the @themulligangenie, golf’s first dedicated cheating device! This handy little device straps to your ankle, holds a ball for you and, with a gentle kick of the latch, drops it with pinpoint accuracy to anywhere on the green that it was supposed to land. It’s just $20 and even has a version designed specifically for shorts.

Sleep Pods

Relaxing at the end of the day is something most of us struggle with, that’s why we’re kinda obsessed with the idea of a constant relaxing cuddle from @sleepwelltech’s Sleep Pods!These Sleep Pods are designed to apply slight pressure around your body while you snooze, helping reduce your heart rate and promote relaxation. Know someone who could use one of these? Tag them below!

Foodie Pjs

@greylinesau are slinging new foodie pyjamas and yep, they’re covered in all your fave comfort foods! From chicken nuggets, cob loaf and garlic bread – these PJs are available for takeaway from Wednesday the 16th at 6pm.Don’t wanna miss out on a pair or two? You’ll wanna sign up for VIP early access!

Personalised Simpson Characters

Still stuck on Valentine’s Day ideas? Why not transform you and your partner into immortal Simpson characters! With designs starting at just $3, this unique and personalised gift will be your partner’s most prized possession for years to come… trust us! Can’t wait to see what you and your s/o look like as Simpson characters? Order yours today!

Personalised Boxer Shorts

Give the gift of laughter and practicality this Valentine’s Day with these personalised boxer shorts!Simply choose the image, colour, waistband text and get them shipped to your door in seconds! Think you know someone who should gift this to their S/O? Tag them below! : My Face Boxer

Peace Motion Lava Lamp

If you’re a kid of the 90s or just love some old school vibes, @yellowoctopusau’s $30 lava lamps need to be on your ‘add to cart’ list!Providing a peaceful atmosphere through their calming colour, light and motion – these lamps will add the perfect ambience for a relaxing evening. Know someone who’d love these as much as us? Tag them below!

Philips Micro Porjector

@jbhifi are slinging the ultimate at-home-cinema gadget and it’s currently on-sale! The Philips PicoPix Micro Projector is equipped with 540p resolution and can project an image spanning up to 65″, taking your at-home movie nights to a whole new level. Oh, and it’s currently on sale for just $310! What are you waiting for? Secure your movie projector today!