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Yes, this memory foam pillow looks freaky, but it’s a deadset game-changer when it comes to getting rid of neck aches and experiencing Goldilocks-like sleep! Using a cooling foam and @eva.home’s trademark TENCEL fabric, it stays cool and breathable all night long! Plus, it’s infused with activated charcoal, which helps fight off moisture, odours and bacteria. And, if you’re finding it’s too firm, simply take off the washable cover for a super plush pillow. Not convinced? Eva offers a 365-day trial with free shipping, so you can literally sleep on it!


Don’t get caught in the rain this cloudy season: protect your shoes with Crep’s water and stain-proof spray! It works on suede, nubuck leather and canvas…AKA most shoes. And provides an invisible layer of protection, so it won’t impact the look and feel of your kicks.


In need of some self-care? Soothe your body and soul with @lexcoaustralia’s 3D Foot Massager, which doubles as a fashionable flannelette footstool, too! With three intensity levels and the ability to provide kneading, heating and acupressure, it’s your massage, your way. Plus, the heating option will help with blood circulation, meaning it’ll soothe your whole body, not just your feet.

Scandinavian Long Bean Bag Chair

If you’ve been on the hunt for a bean bag that actually matches your home decor without compromising on the comfort, look no further! This Scandinavian Long Bean Bag Chair has been specially designed to bring you ultimate relaxation and comfort with it’s minimalistic, yet practical, design. Perfectly sculpting to your legs, you won’t be leaving this adult bean bag without a fight.

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with Built-in Speaker and LED (Gold)

@kogandotcom is selling these epic portable bluetooth karaoke microphones! They come in a bunch of different colours, so choose one depending on the kind of rock star you are and party on! The mic comes with a built-in speaker, a range of different modes and bluetooth, so that you can connect your device, play your fave songs and then sing along. You won’t ever need to hit up a karaoke bar again! Tag your karaoke buddy!

Wavy Mugs

Are you bored of drinking your morning coffee out of the same plain mugs every day?We found these epic double-layered glass mugs from @the.wavy.company, perfect for adding some extra personality to your kitchen cupboard!Drop-safe, compact and easy to handle, these mugs come in a range of adorable animal designs, including festive mugs for Christmas!

DIY Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

If you want to score the title of best child this Father’s Day, this DIY Homemade Hot Sauce Kit from Etsy is sure to put you in top place. Perfect for those that love a little bit of heat with their meals, the kits have everything you need to make three bottles of glorious homemade hot sauce.

Caterpillar Cuddle Pillow

Love a good nap but wish you had a cuddle buddy to join in on the snooze? Well, these giant caterpillar cuddle pillows are the one for you! Available in multiple animal designs and sizes, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect companion for all your napping sessions. What are you waiting for?! Upgrade your napping game today!

ALDI Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained copious amounts of popularity throughout the last couple of years and there’s no denying why. Known for helping improve sleep and encouraging a sense of calm, these blankets feel like a warm hug. While there are many on the market, they can be quite costly. Well don’t stress, because ALDI has launched a Weighted Blanket for only $70 and at a fraction of the price of its designer dupes, this is a deal you don’t want to miss.