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Hirotsuka Diorama Cube

If you’re a gamer, you have to check out @hirotsuka.off and their acrylic gaming dioramas. These highly detailed cubes are like holding your childhood in your hand! Their hand-made dioramas take iconic moments from multiple generations of gaming and immortalise them. They’re $57 each and you can even request your own gaming scene!

Pokeball AirPods Case

@casetify is releasing a brand new Pokemon Collection, this time themed “Pixel Art”. While they’ve got some awesome new phone cases, watches and keychains, the standout is this amazing Pokeball AirPods Pro case. Looking like something straight out of the Kanto region, the 8-bit ball is completely 3D and comes with a cute little Pikachu charm. Get yours for $93!

Pikachu Waffle Maker

Check out the new Pikachu Waffle Makers from @zingpopculture. Not only does it have a cute Pokemon print on them, but it’s also compact, super simple to use and non-stick! With its automatic thermostat and dual light switch, it can also be used to make eggs, brownies, cakes, quesadillas, or even as a Pikachu sandwich press. It’s $68 and only available online from Zing! and EB Games.

Limited Edition V-Day Pokemon Card

Is your special someone a huge Pokemon fan? Then these custom Pokemon cards are the perfect present for them this Valentine’s Day. @pokepetshop will use a photo of you, your partner and/or your pet to create a personalised Pokemon card on either metal or canvas. There’s a huge range of customisation options, letting you choose your stats, attacks and even add elemental features to the drawing. The limited-edition Valentine’s Day cards come with exclusive backgrounds and a love element.

Custom Pet Pokemon Card

Are you a Pokemon fan? Head over to @pokepetshop and transform a photo of your pet into a Pokemon card. They will draw the design themselves and let you customise everything from their Pokemon name to their type and attacks. Available in a collectable metal card or in large canvas prints.

Pokémon Converse

In celebration of 25 years of Pokémon, @converse_anz has created the ultimate kicks to keep the nostalgia alive. Decorated with images of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Meowth and Jigglypuff, these shoes will make the perfect gift for kids and adults alike this Christmas! Expected to drop on December 10th, which pair are you keen to get your hands on?

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

There’s a NEW Pokémon trading card game coming soon! ⚡️The Pokémon Company is officially releasing their free new game, Pokémon Trading Card Game Live! While there’s already a desktop version, the new app comes with an upgraded digital format that allows players to play on ANY device!Trainers can expect to build their own decks, battle others, customise avatars and complete daily quests. Who will you choose to fight your battles?!There’s no word yet on the release date but expect a soft launch later this year.Tag a Pokémon fan!

Pikachu Lamps!

Finding the perfect lighting for any bedroom can always be a challenge, but with these sleeping Pikachu’s you can create a subtle, warm and cosy vibe in seconds!Perfect for a kids bedroom, these mini Pikachu lamps can be used as a night light or just as cool home décor for a Pokémon lovin’ kid! : etsy