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It’s giveaway time!!@vodkasodaand is shouting free hoodies and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on some. We ordered a pack of their delicious Pink Gin Soda’s (wildberry flavour of course) and when we opened the pack…the cosiest hoodie was inside! She’s pink, she’s fluffy, she’s everything we could ever want in a hoodie! Bonus – it was completely free and they come in black too!It was such a hit at the office, we ordered a few more cases. We’re talking Pine Lime, Passionfruit, Raspberry, and more! All because everyone wanted their own Vodka Soda & hoodie (plus the drinks went down a treat too)Want to get your hands on your own winter warmer pack and cop a free hoodie?


Meet the umbrella that’s going viral right now!@bluntumbrellas can withstand winds of up to 88kms per hour! With the crazy weather going on, you need something sturdy, and reliable. And look we’d be lying if we said aesthetics didn’t come into it as well. The BLUNT compact umbrellas are made with high quality materials AND they sport a functional design that means they can still collapse and fit in your bag! No wonder they’re this wet season’s hot ticket item. People are raving about BLUNT and buying them in droves! So if you wanna be shielded from the elements this winter, this is where you should look. Better yet, we know where you can snag one and pay less than the RRP.


@theiconicau is offering 50% OFF selected footwear and trust us when we say… it’s heavenly! Winter is here and so are European summer holidays, so what better way to get prepped than by investing in stylish shoes! Get yourself a pair of new VEGAN kicks for a casual day out for just $102.90, or a pair of knee high emerald green boots MADE for winter layering (with a price tag of $190.40 from $390… it’s a yes from us!) Plus if you’re heading overseas for a vacation, don’t miss out on a pair of classic slides!The sale ends Monday so be quick!


If you’re feeling the effects of winter on your skin, @thejojobaco has you covered! Adapting you skincare routine to reflect the changing seasons is a must, and The Jojoba Company is here to keep your skin hydrated this winter. From washing your face with their Activating Cleansing Oil to nourishing your skin with their targeted facial oils, these products all work collectively to keep your skin bright, hydrated and supple when you need that extra boost!What are you waiting for? Use their special code WINTER15 to claim your 15% off!


Winter is the season to warm yourself up in the Aussie outdoors by a nice campfire… and having a nice drink in hand helps too! Introducing @bundabergrum’s Campfire Butterscotch & Macadamia Rum. The ultimate wintery spirit with its burnt caramel and butterscotch flavours, paired with some nutty notes. It’s exquisite taste will keep you nice and toasty on these cold nights!Get one at your local First Choice Liquor Market!


Don’t get caught in the rain this cloudy season: protect your shoes with Crep’s water and stain-proof spray! It works on suede, nubuck leather and canvas…AKA most shoes. And provides an invisible layer of protection, so it won’t impact the look and feel of your kicks.


Buying a beanie is out, making a beanie is in. Sustainable fashion for just eight dollars, what’s your excuse? Kmart has done it again just in time for winter! Keep your ears and noggin toasty with a boop-able accessory on top. Make your own beanie from scratch with knitting needles, 8 ply length wool plus a pom-pom!

Heated Dog Bed

WARNING: Your furry friend will never want to leave their Heated Dog Bed! Protect your pup from the winter shakes with a reflective heat pad, surrounded by extra cushioning as they deserve. Even better, it’s removable for Aussie summer!Whether you have a small but mighty pooch or a big softie, Aldi has you covered. Plus, multiple colours to choose from in blue, black, teal and magenta! What are you waiting for, go spoil your fur baby now! #bestdogownerever

Sneaker Slippers

If you know someone who is a little too obsessed with their sneakers, you’re gonna wanna secure them a pair of these Yeezy dupe slippers!Super plush and cosy, these sneaker slippers will quickly become your favourite pair of kicks…trust us!So which design will it be? Comment down below! : Etsy